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Free Website Traffic Counter and Visitor Statistics!

It's never been easier to get live stats of visitors to your site!

  • Easy copy and paste code, No software required
  • Monitor peak traffic times
  • Collect high volume search keywords
  • Hundreds of images to choose from!

More Great Website Tools

Goole PageRank Badge for your site or blog

This simple copy and paste code lets you show your site's PR to all visitors.
This FREE, easy to use code will dynamically change as your PR changes. The Copy-and-Paste code is compatible with major website formats including: HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, VBulletin, and many more.


Google PR Checker

Enter the URL of any website to check it's current pagerank.
See the live results from over 20 of Google's world-wide PR servers.

PR Checker for Multiple sites

Use this one simple tool to find the PageRank of up to 50 sites within seconds.
Copy and Paste a list of URLs to return the PR of each at once.

Outbound Link PR Checker

Enter the URL of one page, and this amazing tool will crawl all the outbound links and return the pagerank of each of those websites. This is especially helpful if you want to know who you are being PR-Friendly to.

Fake PageRank Checker

It is possible for a website to display false PR information.
Enter a sites URL to verify their PR or get the real Google PageRank.

Resources Directory

The Peak Directory was originally started as a way to organize informational websites. Our directory thrives on today as a guide to over 4000 online resources, all hand picked by our staff. If you have a site, or know of a site that would be a great addition to our directory, please share it with us at our Contact Us page.